How to Go Au Naturale 

in 6 steps

  1. Prep the skin with a good primer before applying make up or lightly use an oil free moisturizer

  2. Use concealer to cover up blemishes and dark circles

  3. Use a clear or tinted lip balm

  4. Fill in brows no matter how thin or thick

  5. Apply eye cream to protect and soften the areas around the eye

  6. Use setting powder to keep any make up in place and this ensures the skin remains oil free

Remove Every Bit of  Makeup 

  1. Apply make up remover, let it sit a little while & work it's magic

  2. Soap & warm water works better than make up wipes, but use wipes too

  3. Use a facial cleanser made specifically to remove makeup

  4. Try not to tug or scrub your eyelashes to remove mascara, use a lukewarm cotton pad or olive oil based product to remove it

  5. Cleanse your hairline, ears and neck of excess make up

  6. Apply a lip mask to condition lips

  7. Always follow up with a moisturizer or night cream

Do's & Don'ts of Applying Eyeliner

  • Do choose the right color 

  • Do make it last with waterproof liner

  • Do use a sharp pencil or moist liquid liner

  • Don't do jagged or uneven liner looks

  • Don't get too bottom-heavy with liner

  • Don't skip the smudge-proofing

scatered makeup
Airbrush Makeup Application1